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Open Pandora Gaming

--ANFSR 76(01/18/02)--

"Damn FFX" Nose Master

ANFSR 76 has been uploaded... "yea it's about 2 inches in diameter, it's a pretty big hole" And FFX after a certain part near the end = fuxing horrible.

--ANFSR 75(01/13/02)--

"Isn't Omega Weapon Supposed To Be Harder Than The Random Battles?" Nose Master

ANFSR 75 has been uploaded... that sucks, the master tonberry(random enemy in the omega ruins) has about as much HP as the real Omega. Despite you fighting him twice, you get nothing remotely good in this dungeon, just friend spheres and a big let down. What a waste..

--ANFSR 74(01/11/02)--

"PooP" Nose Master

ANFSR 74 has been uploaded... bloobarz.

--ANFSR 74: Delayed(01/10/02)--

"Not Sick" Nose Master

ANFSR 74 has NOT been uploaded... Some people are sick and Booker Ting all over, the following is an excert from his email.

"Sorry, I just can't do it. I just CAN'T. I was ready to go and then I keep hearing the gruesome sounds of someone vomitting through the air duct on the celing on this room. I just can't bring myself to sit down, do something like Peaceful Pat or UT's "From the OLD-SCHOOL" or whatever else I had planned. I will do it tomorrow, when I am less disturbed.

On the bright side, Peaceful Pat will get his OWN segment. So this delay may turn out for the better in terms of quality, while sacrificing in terms of promptness. Sorry."

And there you have it. This is nose signing off, you're all puppets.

--ANFSR 73(01/06/02)--


ANFSR 73 has been uploaded... The ending of FFX > Me

--ANFSR 72(01/04/02)--

"Sounds Like Laundry Detergent" Nose Master

ANFSR 72 has been uploaded... yeah.

--ANFSR 72(1/02/02)--

Nose Master

Due to unfortunate circumstances, ANFSR 72 will be up on Friday, January 4, 2002. Unlike Working Designs, it is guaranteed that #72 will be recorded and uploaded for your listening (dis)pleasure. We apologize for the delay.

--ANFSR 71(12/31/01)--


ANFSR 71 has been uploaded. New years = whee? I had already searched for Zamboni - Breakaway and found nothing, that's why I asked. AND I HEARD NOTHING OF MRS. CUDDY!

--ANFSR 71(12/30/01)--

"...ANFSR owns again?" Nose Master

You'll notice by now that I didn't sned you any new ANFSRs. I have two very good reasons for that.

1) I haven't been feeling well this weekend, with my THROAT being totally sore and thus screwing up my voice. So, in order to save my voice, there is no show today.

2) My brother and I got a PS2 with FFX with it. You can figure out how this is a good reason.

THEREFORE, ANFSR71 will be done and sent tomorrow.

--ANFSR 70(12/27/01)--

"...ANFSR owns again?" Nose Master

ANFSR 70 has been uploaded. No blurb today. Well, this doesn't count.

--ANFSR 69(12/23/01)--

"Heh, 69." Nose Master


--ANFSR 68(12/20/01)--

"..." Nose Master

ANFSR 68 has been uploaded. FISH, I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU STOP DOING THE SHOWS, I WILL FIND YOU. Read the blurb/listen :(

--ANFSR 67(12/16/01)--

"Naughty" Nose Master

ANFSR 67 has been uploaded. It probably owns... probably not.

--ANFSR 26(12/16/01)--

"::evil laugh::" Nose Master

ANFSR 26 has been uploaded... what the fark you say? Well YES, I am going to host REALLY old shows every once in a while on here, so you can know what JF is really capable of. This week's nostalgic ANFSR goodness of the week pick is... ANFSR 26.

--ANFSR 66(12/14/01)--

"Lawnmower" Nose Master

ANFSR 66 has been uploaded... narf.

--Nose's Corner(12/12/01)--

"I'm making a shirt with WUT on it." Nose Master

Yeah, new nose's corner. LOOK. NOW OR I BEAT YOU DO DEATH WITH A POVEL.

--ANFSR 65(12/09/01)--

"wut" Nose Master

ANFSR 65 has been uploaded... this just in! Super Smash Brothers: Melee STILL owns.

--ANFSR 64(12/02/01)--


ANFSR 64 has been uploaded. OK, some news here. It's concerning Nose's Corner™(YEA FISH I'M GOING TO USE THAT ALL THE TIME LIKE YOU BAHAHAHA). Nose's Corner is going to be a part of the RPGA newsletter now once a month. It will also be here. So I guess it's good, cause I will have to update atleast once a month now.

--ANFSR 63(11/29/01)--

"Nostalgic" RPG Lord (A.K.A. Nose Master)

ANFSR 63 has been uploaded. Smackdown was good.

--The RPGA site and ANFSR 62(11/25/01)--

"MGS2 still owns" Nose Master

ANFSR 62 has been uploaded. Also the RPGA site is recieving some reviews for it's new "project" from the Nose. Also I saw The One, good movie, but some special effects were unneeded. Like the raining sparks was cool, but I doubt 100 little kids would be able to light all there sparklers at the same time.

--ANFSR 61(11/22/01)--

"On-Time" Nose Master

ANFSR 61 has been uploaded. yya turkey make nos sleepe

--ANFSR 59 and 60(11/18/01)--

"I am like you I have no name... ignore whats to the left of this" Nose Master

ANFSR 59 and ANFSR 60 has been uploaded. Okay, I was late, hella. So today its a DOUBLE FEATURE OF RANDOMNESS DOUBLE! DOUBLE! DOOOOOOOUUUUUUBBBBBBLLLLLL..[shot]

--ANFSR 58(11/11/01)--


ANFSR 58 has been uploaded. Nacatomi Plaza. NOW GOD DAMN IT, NOW! ANYWAY, I saw that Travolta movie yesterday. [thumbs up]

--ANFSR 57(11/08/01)--

"HA I CAN SAY WHAT I WANT [knocked out by masked fish shaped man]" Nose Master

ANFSR 57 has been uploaded. YOU KNOW WHAT FISH!? I DUN CARE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE NOCTURNAL ILLUSION PART 69... [peer] ANYWAYS, I thought my stuff I added was pretty durn chippa'.

--ANFSR 56(11/04/01)--

"Psycho" Nose Master

ANFSR 56 has been uploaded. Psycho, groupie, cocaine, crazy. Download System of a down - Psycho.

--ANFSR 55(11/01/01)--

"...You're a ciggarette" Nose Master

ANFSR 55 has been uploaded. I am gonna be updating the Affiliates site and stuff too, get you're own damn malt.

--ANFSR 54(10/28/01)--

"Heh I CUP Funny Colors" Nose Master

ANFSR 54 has been uploaded. Fish tastes like cabbage.

--ANFSR 53(10/26/01)--

"Get back here with my $2 check" Nose Master

ANFSR 53 has been uploaded. No time for talk to busy with Monster Rancher 3, SH2, and DMC. GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!

--ANFSR 52(10/21/01)--

"Heh, burn-boy fall down and go boom" Nose Master

ANFSR 52 has been uploaded. Look, new pink scroll bar action, complements of Rubicant. I did a little house cleaning on the site and will probably get a lot of more stuff from Rubles. I am posting at the OPN Forums again, so you all are compelled to go there.

--ANFSR 51(10/18/01)--

"Pants Are The Living Dead" Nose Master

ANFSR 51 has been uploaded. Nang.

--ANFSR 50(10/14/01)--

"Fantum o' da operuh" Nose Master

ANFSR 50 has been uploaded. Ico>you.

--ANFSR 49(10/11/01)--


ANFSR49 has been uploaded. Fisher = Tuna.

--ANFSR 48(10/07/01)--

"I hit caesar in the nuts for $5" Nose Master

Yea, I just was video taping crap for 4 hours at my friends house for world history, and the tape totals to 20 minutes. Huzzah. ANFSR 48 is uploaded.

--ANFSR 47(10/04/01)--

"Madd Programzin" Nose Master

ANFSR 47 has been uploaded. I highly enjoyed it, it release several CC's of dopemine into my nervous system. (NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THAT IS) I love ANFSR. NO IT SUCKS KILL IT KILL IT I HATE ALL THINGS BY FISH ::reprograms:: I love ANFSR... ::twitch::

--ANFSR 46(10/02/01)--

"I'm late..." Nose Master

Okay, Fischers converter was broke so I got him new one then he lost his aol connection and couldn't come back, then some confusion about Kabucho...ANFSR 46 is uploaded now.

--ANFSR 45(9/27/01)--

"Dai-Sha-Voo(Spelt wrong)." Nose Master

I'm going on vacation for 3 days, you all suck, ANFSR 45 is uploaded.

--ANFSR 44(9/23/01)--

"Boom." Nose Master

ANFSR #44, has been uploaded. The compilation sucks. I have lots of homework. I will do Nose's Corner later.

--The Compilation(9/20/01)--

"Bah" Nose Master

ANFSR 43 is at the downloads page and The Compilation. Thanks to everyone who contributed something, I will post a special compilation edition of Nose's Corner, later. I suppose it's not entirely his fault, but the reason this is so late is because my converter was broken and I had to find a new one. And Rubicant who said he would upload signed off, for whatever reason, after I, on a dial-up, uploaded the 51MB WAV for him to DL and convert. Of course then he's gone so I have to delete it off the site and convert it and upload again. You best be happy with this..

--ANFSR 42(9/15/01)--

Nose Master

ANFSR #42, has been uploaded. It's back to normal randomness now.

--ANFSR 41(9/12/01)--

Nose Master

ANFSR #41, has been uploaded. It's a memorial to the great tragedy that happened in NYC.

**Update by stupid webmaster** Apparently it didn't upload right, I am really sorry, it's up now.

--ANFSR's little ditty about the bombings(9/11/01)--

"Don't Be Sad" Nose Master

Everyone at And Now For Something Random™ would like to extend their condolences to any victims in this horrible turn of events(in NYC, DC, and Pittsburgh) and to those related or friends to said victims.

***Webmaster note*** Check out Nose's corner for my take on it.

--Started Real Updates(9/09/01)--

"Too Lazy to get a new image" Nose Master

Okay, I will start updating every update now, Rubicant wanted me to use Newspro but I am too lazy. I uploaded ANFSR40. I updates Nose's Corner. We have a IkonBoard now courtesy of Rubicant. Well, the disclaimer link is at the bottom, the sites undergoing a bunch of changes. Also, added late Sunday night, Rubicant made us some forums, link to the left.

--No one reads this (8/20/01)--

"Suikoden 2 > YOU" Nose Master

School starts soon, no one reads this section, I added some ANFSR and stuff, bah to this. Also Fisch has a colomn now.

--I haven't updated for a while (8/10/01)--

"Pedophile" Nose Monster

I added, ANFSR 31, updated my section and got a new poll. I killed off the MIDI added a few contests, and a bunch of other stuff. I recruited a new colomn writer, which is to be revealed later, and I added ETech as an affiliate. Yea I know, I need to update more often.

--WE BE HOSTED BABAH (8/1/01)--

"OMG ITS" Nose Master

We be hosted finally, LOOK AT THE URL! I added my section with 3 new contests in it, enjoy. We are debuting today, and uhhh enjoy the debut. ^-^

--Lookie Lookie(7/27/01)--

Nose Master

Finally, A REAL update. I added ANFSR 27 and added lots of new information. We are officially hosted by OPGaming, but Rubicant gave me the wrong info so I can't upload anything or even edit it. Bah.

--FIRST UPDATE!!(7/25/01)--

The Nose Monster

Well this is the first update and creation of the Official Site, uhh, I hope you enjoy it. It is undergoing LOTS of changes lately so stay tuned. Oh and might I add... ::drops pants::

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