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The Ever-Changing FAQ/Interview!

(compiled by one John Fischer)

Q: OK, who the hell is "John Fischer?"
A: Well, I am the recorder and idea-guy behind And Now For Something Random. An interesting audio show that revolves around RPGs and other games, but does stray off into other related and unrelated matters. And yes, I really AM an 18-year old Pink Skunk with lots of free time on my hands.

Q: So you essentially ramble about a lot of stuff, right?
A: To put it bluntly, yes.

Q: How did this show come about?
A: This was going to be an audio version of my old column from the now-fallen RPG-Alliance website. It was the site of the AOL console-RPG club, the RPG-A. I was an active member, and contributed a lot to the site. Many reviews and a weekly column called "And Now For Something Random." It namely focused on RPGs. When I ran for VP about 6 months ago, I proposed doing an audio piece on RPGs much like the column. I got a cheap mic and dithered around with Microsoft Sound Recorder and formed a beta. It was a compressed WAV of 3-something MB. However, it wasn't just about RPGs. It included ramblings of other game genres, my first audio plug (Bangai-O), an impression from a wrestling character (Vince McMahon), and other stuff not related to RPGs. Nevertheless, I sent it to as many people in the RPG-A as I could, and they loved it. They wanted more, so I made it a series called "And Now For Something Random." Audience grew, the weirdness expanded, and now there's a fan page for it.

Q: Who does this site then?
A: That would be Tony "Nose Masta" DiMarcantonio. He's pretty much one of the few who listened to almost ALL of the shows and actually send me comments about it. He actually LIKES the show, so much so, he is webmastering a fan page for it. A page, you are looking at right now.

Q: I'm listening to these shows, and what is up with you? The hockey, the word "hoser," the sometimes use of the term "eh?"; are you Canadian?
A: No, I'm born and raised Edison, New Jersey. That's a city in one of the 50 United States. I am an American. But I do love hockey. Anyone who knows me will tell you that. Hoser and "eh?" are just things I say without thinking. You know, how some people just have to say "like" more than three times before completing a sentence? It's like that, but not as irritating.

Q: Am I hearing plugs? Plugs of goods from large corporations? You are a corporate sellout! EXPLAIN YOURSELF!!!
A: Try "wannabe corporate sellout." From the very beginning (ANFSR beta), I plugged stuff I liked. I hype things that I adore; ranging from RC Cola to Final Fantasy Tactics. I wouldn't mind selling out as long as it's on my own terms. And I don't hate corporations at all. Besides, why do I have to explain this to you?

Q: Because this is an FAQ. And I ask the questions here. Anyway, how do you prepare for a show?
A: The first few shows, I sat down with an idea in my head, RPG news on my browser, the Sound Recorder on "Record," and I just talked. Very little planning. Then I started trying to plan the shows out, but I always leave plans out due to time constraints; so I don't do much of that. Really, I plan out in my head what I want to say, and I do that in the time up until I actually record.

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